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Step Out in Style with Stylish Formal, Black, or Business Elevator Shoes

Take your style game to the next level with formal elevator shoes exclusively from Rafarillo Australia. Looking confident means you feel confident, and at Rafarillo Australia we believe that regardless of where you are going, how you feel when you get there matters. Whether you are going on a job interview, to meet your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, or just out with your friends for a night of fun – you deserve to feel like your best self, and we are here to make that happen. In an instant, we will help you add 7cm to your stature, and send your confidence sky high.

Take A Step in The Right Direction with Formal Elevator Shoes

The Rafarillo “Vegas” collection is the perfect height solution for professional men from Brazil to Australia and everywhere in between. Our handcrafted shoes are made daily with genuine bovine leather and with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our European inspired designs ensure your purchase keeps you on the forefront of fashion, without spending a fortune. With every step you take in our business elevator shoes, you will be rewarded with the power of confidence. From the boardroom to the dance floor at your wedding, our elevator shoes will give you the poise and self-confidence you have been seeking. The “Vegas” line features a variety of colours and is not limited to your typical black elevator shoes. From mogno to metallic browns we have a shoe that’s right for you and your unique style.

Casual Comfort Meets Sophisticated Style

With the “Hoover” and ‘Onix” Collections, Rafarillo Australia has broken the mould when it comes to casual and stylish elevator shoes. Our “Hoover” Collection features a laid-back, yet smart shoe that helps you transition easily from work to a dinner or cocktail party. The “Hoover” is the perfect solution for casual Fridays in the office or family get-together on the weekend. There are tall and short profiles available, and regardless of the one you choose you can rest assured you are ready to conquer whatever the days bring.

The “Onix” shoe is perfect for the guy who requires poise and comfort. This sneaker is relaxed and informal, but still, gives the wearer that extra height. The “Onix” pairs perfectly with jeans or shorts and will leave you feeling comfortable and self-confident as you take the weekend by storm.

The Right Choice for You

No matter what you are looking to say with your personal style, Rafarillo Australia will help you find your voice. With free shipping and returns, we are here to help make your online footwear purchases practical and affordable. We take pride in our craftsmanship, and we have a sincere appreciation for our customers and their desire to stand out amongst the crowd. Take the next step in your fashion journey and find a shoe that gives you the confidence you have been looking for and the comfort you deserve.

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