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What to Wear with Your New Height Increasing Shoes, Now Available Online in Australia

You just bought a pair or two of Rafarillo height increasing shoes online, and now all you need to know is how to wear them. We supply height increasing shoes to Australia so that you can look good and feel confident anywhere, and you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your new height increasing shoes by having the wardrobe to pull it off.

Buy Height Increasing Shoes for Everyday Outfits

The Rafarillo Onix collection features eight different stylish height increasing sneakers. These shoes are the ideal way to add style to even your most casual everyday looks.

Onix 4703-01 and Onix 4709-02 are black sneakers with a sleek and minimalist feel. These shoes would look perfect paired simply with jeans and a V-neck, Henley shirt or t-shirt.

If you’re looking for something to go with Onix 4709-01, our Ivory sneakers with zipper detailing on the outside, try a polo shirt with Bermuda shorts. Light coloured shorts go well with white shoes.

Onix 4709-03 is a dressier sneaker in the colour mogno that would look good with a military-style jacket or leather jacket. If you’re looking for shoes to go with a denim jacket, Onix 4709-06 and Onix 4703-02 are grey shoes with black accents that would work well.

We have even more height increasing shoes in the Rafarillo Onix collection. If the above suggestions are not your style, our sneakers are very versatile and can work with almost any casual outfit. Buy height increasing shoes to add height to your everyday casual looks.

Dressing Up Your Rafarillo Shoes

For casual looks that are a little dressier, our Hoover collection is the way to go. These height increasing shoes are informal enough for everyday wear but can be easily dressed up for a night out.

The Hoover 5904-00, Hoover 5904-01 and Hoover 5904-02 shoes are work boots with a twist. They have the general shape of a work boot, but with more formal fabrics and stylish accents so you can dress them up or down. These shoes could be easily paired with chinos and a blouson.

Mustard pants for men are very in right now, and they would look amazing with a blazer or sports coat and Hoover 5901-00 or Hoover 5903-01. These brown shoes that stop below the ankle go very well with mustard pants, provided the brown is not too light or too reddish, to avoid clashing with the yellow hues of the pants.

If mustard pants are too out-there for you and you’re more of a traditional type of guy, they could easily be swapped out for chinos. Pair this look with Hoover 5901-01 or Hoover 5901-02. These shoes resemble chukkas but are more casual and have a much thicker sole.

Hoover 5902-01 is a low-top navy blue shoe with zipper detailing on the side that would go well with a cardigan or pullover sweater layered over a collared shirt.

Shoes from our Vegas collection are formal, modern, and sleek. These shoes will work for dress codes ranging from black tie to business casual. You can wear them to the office or an evening event. There are Rafarillo shoes for every occasion.

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