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A new concept of shoes - Rafarillo Elevator shoes for man - Grow your knowledge

Posted on June 29 2017

The female footwear industry has greatly developed and innovated in recent years making high heels an indispensable accessory in any woman’s wardrobe. But why do women love wearing high heels so much? When asked that question, the answer was unanimous, ‘because high heels give them confidence, a sense of power and self-accomplishment.’ While women are feeling more powerful and confident, men all around the world are not only looking physically smaller, they are also feeling less powerful and less confident as women around them stand tall.

At Rafarillo we understand the world is continually changing, and so, it is extremely important for the male footwear industry to meet the high expectations of the current marketplace. Our company's high commitment to innovation has started a new chapter on the Male Footwear Industry.

Our shoes provide more than just comfort and style; this unique product contains a high heel inbuilt inner sole designed to make ‘You 7cm Taller.’  The breakthrough technology featured in our footwear collection ought to close the current industry gap. Without compromising quality and comfort, our products will certainly empower future clients to grow their confidence, elevate their self-esteem and demonstrate autonomy amongst peer colleagues and, most especially, female audience.


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