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What are elevator shoes?

  • Unlike other so-called elevator shoes - also referred as ‘height increasing shoes’ - Rafarillo is not about corrective footwear for “short men”. We simply offer you shoes with an inbuilt high heel that makes you 7cm taller and makes you feel better. The Rafarillo factory makes 7000 pairs a day and they’re worn by men of all statures – some of whom are already close to 2m. Rafarillo styles give you the choice of being up to 7cm taller without the thick heels or “old man” styles associated with “elevator shoes”.

Who are height increasing shoes for?

  • Rafarillo footwear is made for anyone who wants greater style choice. Worn by tens of millions of men overseas, our shoes give you the option being up to 7cm taller. For years, women alone had the privilege of choosing their height through footwear. Rafarillo shoes are not “high heels for men”, but they do give you the same confidence to choose who you want to be day to day.

Why choose Rafarillo shoes?

  • Rafarillo offers you sharply priced and modern styles from the fashion hubs of Europe and Brazil. Made with advanced materials, the special Rafarillo inserts are designed for comfort and have no effect on the way you walk naturally. It all means you have a range of height increasing footwear that not only gives you a boost but can work with any outfit: from business suits, to a smart casual dinner, to a relaxed weekend.

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